Monday, 28 October 2013

Wired for sound with Bose boutique stores within stores

DionWired has just staged an audio shopping revolution in South Africa with the inclusion of a trendy Bose boutique store within their outlets at Greenstone and Woodmead in Johannesburg.
Created in line with the Bose store-within-a-store design used across the world, this is the first of many trendy in-store Bose boutiques and will offer discerning customers a complete sound solution including demonstrations to installations to after sales service. Bose is recognized as a global leader in quality home cinema and personal audio systems.
Sound Imports, the authorised Bose distributor for the past 35 years, explored opportunities to reach the customer effectively and has been responsible for getting Bose products to the discerning audience in the South African market through the right placement of products in the significant audio and consumer electronics retail environment.  Now this is being strengthened with a solid partnership with DionWired, Sound Imports is able to take the Bose experience closer to their customers.
Andrew Jackson, Director of DionWired, said the decision to include a Bose boutique store within DionWired outlets was a “win-win” for both DionWired and Sound imports. DionWired, through its focus on “innovating, educating and inspiring’ consumers” and offering premium merchandise and the best product solutions, had become synonymous with a “blue carpet” retail experience. The addition of a Bose boutique outlet would further enhance this.
Bose would reach a whole new market in South Africa, he explained. Bose has established itself as a leading audio brand worldwide.
Jackson said that Sound Imports, as the Bose distributor, naturally aligned with the DionWired brand. “DionWired recognises Bose as a truly aspirational brand. With a store-within-a-store concept, customers get to experience Bose products and exclusive service by a Bose audio Specialist who will demonstrate what is possible. This is a whole new way of experiencing audio. DionWired went with Bose as Bose understands today’s modern and contemporary customers’ requirements for personal audio products and audio streaming, and the desire for well-designed and discreet sized products with exceptional performance.
He acknowledged that the tie up with Sound Imports and Bose is one of the biggest milestones both in DionWired’s history and in the audio industry in South Africa. As a leading national specialist electronics chain, DionWired will be “consumerising” what has, up until now, been viewed as a high end specialist brand that has been reserved exclusively for Independent smaller retailers. 
Based at their prime positions in Gauteng, DionWired’s Greenstone and Woodmead outlets will be the first to launch the Bose store-within-a-store concept. However, over the next six months, this will be rolled out to stores in Pretoria, KZN (Umhlanga) and Cape Town stores and other Johannesburg stores, as well as new stores that will be opening such as Cavendish and Cradlestone in November 2013.
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Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Perfect Read

Title: The Lost Symbol
Author: Dan Brown

In his latest novel, Dan Brown turns his focus away from the Vatican and the Illuminati to a group shrouded in equal mystery and esoteric symbology – the Free Masons. When Robert Langdon receives a call in the middle of the night it leads him to an ancient call to action, a call carved from the dismembered hand of his kidnapped friend, mentor and Free Mason Grand Master, Peter Solomon.

This call leads Langdon down the proverbial rabbit hole and leads Langdon and the reader to explore the pagan symbology and imagery replete among the USA’s greatest and most well known monuments. Along this road with Langdon is his mentor’s sister, Katherine Solomon a scientist involved in an obscure branch of science seeking to reveal the mysteries of human nature. The Solomon family is thrown into chaos as they are haunted by the death of Peter’s son and, along with Langdon, are manipulated by a madman seeking his own deadly apotheosis. Typical of a Brown novel, it is a fast-paced race against time to find Peter Solomon and unlock the mysteries of the Masons to save Peter and to save themselves.

The Lost Symbol is fast-paced, it is filled to capacity with action and there’s hardly a moment to reflect on the revelations in the novel as the characters rush and stumble toward one thing or another. Although it is action-packed, it lacks the originality and the flare that makes Brown’s books so exciting. Unlike his most popular novels, the Free Masons are not the enemy in this novel but rather the target of a ruthless attack which has the potential to bring a powerful nation to its knees. It does however deliver that unique Brown flavour guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Title: Angela’s Ashes
Author: Frank McCourt

“Worse that the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood and worse yet is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood.” This Pulitzer Prize winning novel is a tale of poverty and hardship as the author takes us on the journey of his childhood from New York to Ireland. Failing to live the American Dream and after losing his sister, Frank and his remaining siblings and parents return to Ireland where tragedy strikes and his father’s alcoholism and his mother’s struggle to provide for Frank’s remaining siblings marks their journey through childhood. A family having old potatoes and boiled pig’s head for Christmas supper, this is a biography seems to be without the expected triumph of the author at the end as he rises from the ashes of his bleak past. Living in a double-story run-down building where the top floor is known as “Italy” and the bottom floor is known as “Ireland” and is prone to flooding, Frank and his family are placed right next to the shared street toilet and have to contend with the resultant…challenges that come with their unique situation.

The first thing that strikes you about McCourt’s writing is the clear and stark recollection of his childhood. Next, is the seemingly endless stretch of tragedy and unfortunate events from losing his siblings to having a father more interested in his next drink than providing for his family. It’s a heart-breaking story where McCourt writes a young man who is haunted by a need to be a man before his time and look after his family while battling with his Catholicism, always at odds with what he needs to do to survive. An autobiography, bleak in its truth and honesty and layered with emotion which takes the reader on a harsh and moving journey.
Compiled By: Mduduzi Makhubo

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Vibe: ‘Hostile Take Over’ by Midrand's new nightspot

The birth of the vision of young, creative, black South African entrepreneurs promises  to be the biggest wave to hit the Jozi entertainment and lifestyle scene. The opening of Club XI, in Midrand Johannesburg is the beginning of a new era in showcasing young South Africa and its greater potential.
An upmarket venue, oozing class and versatility offers a variety of entertainment options. The size of the venue in itself speaks volumes (all puns intended). The bars are fully kitted, and ready to cater to your specific needs. The menu offers a wide selection of ‘grill house’ inspired meals that compliment the various delightful drinks and cocktails that are served. 
Club XI worker showcasing her Club XI branded t-shirt
The inside of Club XI
A personalized menu option is available for private functions and corporate events, as well as exclusive areas within the club that offer privacy and a sense of ‘intimate interaction’ for functions such as bachelor parties, birthdays and matric farewell after parties and the likes.
The main dance floor is creatively designed with a sizable stage, allowing for talent to showcase what they are about. From poets, jazz musicians, comedians to the hip hop dancer, Club XI is the perfect venue for live performance. The magnitude of your audience will rarely pose as a challenge, as this is GPs biggest entertainment space.
Club XI executive members are in the process of expanding venue options, such as the opening of an exclusive VVIP lounge.
Club XI has set the standard and now invites you to indulge in its pleasure!
Facebook: ClubXiMidrand
Address: 665, Corner Aitken and Alexander road, Midrand.  (Former known as Shoosh)
For quires contact: Prince 061 035 6076/
Images by: Mesuli


Friday, 4 October 2013

Box Office: Financial drama and afterlife cops protecting the living

Nothing For Mahala

Director: Rolie Nikiwe
Cast: Thapelo Mokoena, Jamie Bartlett and Casper De Vries
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr 45min
Release Date: 4 October 2103

The South African comedy follows the financially troubled Ace (Thapelo Mokoena) who likes to playing high-roller. Ace is forced to get money from illegal loan sharks, and also runs into legal trouble which lands him into community service at an old age home where he learns much about financial management and how to get hold of life. The film, which opens today cinemas features big a cast with names such as Lilian Dube, Desmond Dube, Jamie Bartlett, Casper De Vries, Kenneth Nkosi and multiple SAMA winner Zahara on her acting debut.


Director: Robert Schwentke
Cast:  Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon
Genre: Fantasy Action
Running Time: 1 hr 36mins
Release Date: 4 October 2013

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, this fantasy action focusses on police detective Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) who is killed in the line of duty and taken to join the undead police division in the afterlife.  There he is assigned to be the partner of Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges), a veteran officer of the R.I.P.D – the Rest in Peace Department, a department of dead police officers dedicated to protect and serve the living from arrogant, malevolent, bloodthirsty evil spirits who refuse to move into the afterlife.

Da Stitch

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Monday, 30 September 2013

Beat Box: One hell of a hot season lies ahead

Zakes Bantwini in his element

Jika! Jika Ma baby! Jika! If South African soul-house band Mi Casa’s lyrics to their new song is anything to go by then we should expect a lot of dance moves at clubs and parties this season influenced by some of the republics music talent. 

The award winning trio are looking to replicate the success of their previous album ‘Mi Casa’ with the release of the new album titled ‘Su Casa’. The well baked 15 track retro and soulful house album combines red hot soothing songs that will further strengthen the groups urban and dance chart grip.

Thato Sikwane known to his fans as DJ Fresh is back with a bang, dishing out to the ears the release of the 7th edition of ‘Fresh House Flava’. Fresh last released ‘Fresh House Flava’ a decade ago, Sony label manager Louis Pillay told newspaper Sowetan “We are so excited to be doing this project with fresh. And this is not the last Flava – it’s one of many more to come.”

Another album that’s bound to have an influence on what occurs on the dance floor is Zakes Bantwini’s new offering ‘The Fake Book & Real Book’. Featuring  J Martins on the well played and loved track ‘Ifunaya’ left me wondering exactly what to expect from the album that comings out some time in October.

 Ashley Mokwena

New Albums to check out

Artist: Drake

Album title: Nothing Was the Same

Genre: Hip Hop

Tracks to listen to: Pound Cake, Worst behaviour and Tuscan Leather


Artist: Kings of Leon

Album title: Mechanical Bull

Genre: Alternative Rock

Track to listen to: It Don’t Matter and Supersoaker


Artist: Mi Casa

Album title: Su Casa

Genre: House

Tracks to listen to: Jika and Dream for Love

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Sounds of the moment

“Roar” – Katy Perry

“No Sleep” – Reason the Mass

“Applause” – Lady Gaga

“Still into you” – Paramore

“Feds watching” – 2 Chains ft. Pharrell Williams


Friday, 13 September 2013

Box Office

Bakgat 3

Cast: Ivan Botha, Cherie van der Merwe, Altus Theart
Directed By: Stefan Nieuwoudt
Release Date: 6 September 2013

The sequel in the Bakgat franchise (as it’s become) follows Wimpie and his fiancĂ©e Katrien who immigrate to the United Kingdom. Pursuing his rugby career there is not as simple as he thinks as he finds out when his English teammates are not welcoming in any way. Living in a cramped apartment in the overpopulated city proves too much and he strings together a few fellow South Africans in a bid to form a South African team in the U.K. and the success of his life with Katrien depends on this team’s results in the league.

We’re the Millers

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Nick Offerman
Directed By: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Release Date: 6 September 2013

To start, Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper named Rose which is unusual in itself. Second, she reluctantly helps a drug dealer named David and they join forces with a couple of offbeat teens in forming a fake family who go on a joyride to recover some stolen drugs. They are placed in serious under-the-radar danger while trying to save David from overly large debt and possible death. Definitely a change in style for Jen that’s worth a watch but also an important lesson that any business with drugs ends in trouble.


Taking the business bag to another whole new level

Whether it’s just the daily commute, or whether we travel regularly, we all need a good, functional business bag for toting our laptops and assorted papers. Which is why Samsonite has designed Spectrolite, a range of business bags that are perfect for either the daily trip to the office, or for short business hops.

Samsonite has paid particular attention to designing bags to hold your laptop or tablet that are both stylish and functional. The bag is made from a rich material mix of nylon, polyester and ECO-Leather that gives it a clean, modern look, while remaining practical for the normal wear and tear of travel.

The bags are light, and feature an adaptable laptop compartment with a soft touch interior. Most of them also feature expandability, allowing for greater flexibility, as well as a tablet compartment. And there are multiple zipped interior pockets for those small belongings that so often go missing.

Spectrolite is a business range designed for life; and Samsonite has taken every care to design something that will work for you.

Recommended Retail Selling Prices:

Spectrolite Tablet crossover                                                      R  699

Spectrolite Female Business Bag 15.6”                                      R  995

Spectrolite Slim Bailhandle 16”                                                  R 1 595

SpectroliteBailhandle M 16”                       Exp                         R 1 795

SpectroliteBailhandle M 17.3”                   Exp                          R 1 995

Spectrolite Laptop Backpack 17.3”           Exp                          R 1 895

Spectrolite Rolling Tote 17.3”                    Exp                          R 2 995

To locate a stockist near you, visit or call (031) 266 0620.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

In social media space

Foursquared now to include restaurant menu items in search results (The Verge)

Google+ launches embeds, starts to highlight and TypePad authors who sign in with Google+ in search result (TechCrunch)

Trident introduces first 6 second Vine TV Advert (Mashable)

Tumblr launches book club (Los Angeles Times)

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Cool free mobile Apps to have

Flipboard: A well put and presented personal magazine of content from some of the world’s best publications and news services. The app allows users to create their own social media content which can be saved in folders. The app can be found in Apple App Store and Android, and it’s also compatible on BB10. 

101 Great Goals:Distributed through Apple App Store and Android, this video app shows some of the best Premier League and European goals, often immediately after the matches. Added toits video treat it also features news, and football blogs.

News24: One of South Africa’s much loved online news resource platform, carries news happenings from across the republic, Africa and the globe. The app covers politics, sports, business and entertainment news and also has related news sites in Afrikaans.  The news app is distributed through Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry App World.

Instagram: The Facebook owned photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking app enables users to capture pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them and share them on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. The app is distributed through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Beat Box: The globetrotting German disc jock

German born deejay Lars Behrenroth is without by any doubt one of the most interesting figures within the house music game. The well-travelled music crazy German deejay and producer started his career in the mid-80s in the second largest city of Germany, Hamburg.

The highly acclaimed Behrenroth moved to Los Angeles, United States, with probably the motive to further share his musical taste, style and expand his already glittery career. In 1996 he co-hosted a radio show “House sound of Hamburg” on Hamburg based radio station which kicked off his impressive radio career.

Over the past 15 years Behrenroth enhanced his production skills to the point where he has accumulated a stunning discography over a variety of labels including Freerange, Sonar Kollektiv and Liebe. His fine producing skills allowed him the opportunity to remixing tracks from artists such as Liquideep, Black Coffee, Atjazz, Robert Owens, MJ Cole, Arnold Jarvis and The Rurals to name a few.

In 2012 Behrenroth’s two hour weekly show “Deeper Shades of House” marked its tenth year of existence proving its strength and might. The program started out on German radio station Jam Fm and sourced out to US nationwide satellite XM Radio. “Deeper Shades of House” can now be heard on over 30 stations across the globe and episodes can also be found online.

With the creation of “Deeper Shades of House” followed the founding of his record label Deeper Shades Recording which owns digital releases featuring many new and established acts in the deep house circle.

Ashley Mokwena

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Ster-Kinekor rolls out more good times

About two weeks ago South Africa’s leading cinema chain Ster-kinekor hosted and invited the media to a media round-table event. The media were treated to great cinema experience in the Cine Prestige at the Zone Rosebank and also got to discuss matters of the modern cinema industry with Chief Executive Fiaz Mohamed and Marketing Executive Doug Place.

Answering all questions with a certain style that come with his role at Ster-Kinekor, Mohamed gave the media information regarding digital transformations to be made at 418 cinemas and the opening of new cinemas sites such as the one at Cradle Stone Mall, in the West Rand. Further on Mohamed spoke about Dolby Atmos, which can only be experienced at Gateway in Durban for the time being and later to be experienced across the South Africa.

Mohamed and his colleague Doug Place explained to the media in attendance on growth matters and expansion in emerging markets, as most possibly may have not experienced cinematic moments.

The media were also treated to some Paramount and Disney footages and as the event drew to a close Mohamed and Place dished out the big news that Ster-Kinekor will be introducing IMAX experience which is to be rolled out first at Gateway in Durban and expanding further into other regions across South Africa.

In the words of the CE Fiaz Mohamed “A new era in SA cinema is here”.

Ashley Mokwena


Welcome Note

Gees! But time fly’s, it’s already the ninth month of 2013 and if you one of those individuals who have not achieved any of his/her goals of the year, do not worry much as you are not the only one who has not reached their goals.

September marks the beginning of a silly season and we at Da Stitch will be doing things no differently. We’ll still be doing what we are well known for and that’s to feed our readers with lifestyle matters.
Remember it’s that silly time of the year so enjoy it to the fullest!!!

Love and Peace

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Read

The Read is our latest feature on Da Stitch, through the contribution of a literature follower, debater, philosopher and Rhodes University BSocSci, LLB graduate Mduduzi Makhubu who will pick two fabulous books to review. The Read will appear every last Thursday of the Month.

Book Title: The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger

Author: Stephen King

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” This is the beginning of King’s epic and magnum opusand the strange plot of the entire novel. King’s hero, known only as “the gunslinger” is an emotionless and solitary figure chasing the mysterious man in black through a seemingly endless desert.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks and contemplations as the gunslinger makes his way through a desolate world much like our own. We do not know why he follows this man only that there is knowledge he seeks and the gunslinger seems to leave only death behind him though he is capable of love as is witnessed through the boy he meets on his quest- Jake. Dark and cynical, it is a gripping read which leaves one frustrated and excited to discover the nature of the gunslinger’s quest and his goal.

Book Title: The Kite Runner

Author: KhaledHusseini

A tale set in ‘70s Afghanistan, of two boys and best friends: Amir and Hassan, growing up side by side with the gulf of religion and class between them, Amir betrays his friend at the age of twelve and the shame and guilt at this betrayal paints the book’s portrait of pain and sadness as Amir, twenty years later, returns to the homeland from which he fled to seek his redemption and make peace with his friend.

A novel, powerful in its ability to take you to the depths of Amir’s horror and agony at what he has done and agonizing in its mapping of the fall of Afghanistan and the depth of the scars left on Hassan, ever loyal whose first word was the name of his boy-master and best friend. A heart-wrenching read about humanity and redemption and the extent of our brutality and our capacity to love.

Mduduzi Makhubu

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tech Bite: Free Wi-Fi project for Africa

Alan Knott-Craig Jnr is without any doubt emulating the success of his father, Alan Knott-Craig Snris the founding executive of Vodacom one of South Africa’s first licenced mobile operators.

After leaving his position in October of 2012 as chief executive of social media site Mxit Knott-Craig Jnr found himself in the same disturbing place as an unemployed youth of South Africa. The feeling felt by an unemployed youth helped Knott-Craig discover Project Isizwe which was born from the Stellenbosch free Wi-Fi project. 

Project Isizwe’s goal is to bring free internet to South Africa and the rest of the African continent and news of the organisation emerged at a media briefing held in his hometown, Pretoria. Should things turn out as expected and the project succeeds it will assist many of the continents youth  discover and realise their entrepreneurial spirit and who knows the next Silicon Valley might just pop out from the grey and rich Africa.

 Alan Knott-Craig
The metropolitan city of Pretoria will be the first city in Africa to roll out the Wi-Fi through Knott-Craig Jnr’s Isizwe Project with the aim to cater for citizen’s that cannot afford the luxury of internet. The success of the project will also see a new dawn emerge on the beautiful continent and will hopefully encourage young minds to also engage on a global scale and access information. 

The former head of Mxit and iBurst (Johannesburg based Broadband Company) like his father firmly believes in empowering African’s to ensure a better and competitive continent. 

Ashley Mokwena

In social media space

Netflix scores exclusive deal for first-run Weinstein films (

Vine grows 40 million Users in a period of 7 months despite rival Instagram’s challenge (

Youtube for Android and iOS gets a facelift and accommodates app-within-app multitasking (

Hacker exposes big Facebook security flaw by Posting on Mark Zuckerberg’s private wall (The Huffington Post)

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