Friday, 14 September 2012

Beat Box: A Talent with a Sweet, Smooth and Silky Voice

“It’s a new day! New day! New day! Beautiful day.”
“It’s a new day! New day! New day! Beautiful day...”
These lyrics over the past few days have managed to hack into my mind. I constantly find myself singing the words from a well baked song by a young House music vocalist with a smooth, sweet and silky voice. The lyrics belong to a song titled “New Day” by Lil Soul.

Born and bred in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg, South Africa Mpho “Lil Soul” Dlamini has over a short period of time in the music scene managed to dazzle and grace crowds in South Africa. The humble and ever smiling Lil Soul is at his best when making music and bringing joy to audiences.

The vocalist, deejay and producer is highly inspired by big time international music acts such as US rapper Jay-Z, Canadian rapper Drake, and South African acts Dj Oskido, Dj Christo and famous Jazz band Stimela. When asked why his highly inspired by such musicians he simply replied ”My hustle is no different from that of the acts I’ve just mentioned and another thing is I happen to enjoy their music.”

Being featured by the likes of YFM Breakfast show host Mo’Flava on his compilation House of Flava Vol 1, Dj Terrance, Dj Claude, Afro Lounge and also being featured on one of Soul Candi sessions motivated Lil Soul to start focusing on putting together a 13 track debut album titled “Black and White”. Working with the likes of the Infinite Boys, Abicah Soul, Dj Cuba, Mono Deluxe and Sculpture Music help in putting together an of high quality and of international standards ... with tracks such as “New Day”,” Ecstasy” and “Sunshine” this is one album that’s hard to skip tracks.

Kamogelo “Kamance” Matjila

Twitter: @lilsoulmusic
Facebook: Lil Soul Dlamini
Link to Lil Souls music:

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Something for the Kiddies

The thin Sony Walkman E470 comes with a two-inch LCD screen, loads of exciting games and a karaoke mode. The walkman is available in six colours: Red, Bronze, Lime green, Tourquoise, Pink and Black.
Aimed at targeting the “kids”, Sony has added a few sleek features to the appeal. With a memory capacity of 8GB, users will be able to fit in 1750 songs, but the songs have to be four minutes long.

The gadget is not yet available in South Africa

Price: R 763.80 (excluding shipment)


Destinations such as Monaco, Mumbai, Rome, Manila, Maputo, Accra, Beijing and Istanbul are some of the destinations that have grabbed my attention, well just by seeing them on the telly or reading on them in printed publications.

The mentioned destinations are some which I found myself aspiring to visit and for some odd stupid reason I happen to have affection for. Travelling to such places where an individual can create memories costs an arm and a leg... but the one destination that in recent times has managed to grab much of my attention believe or not, it’s San Francisco in the United States. Wherever You are in this globe reading this, you probably asking yourself  why San Francisco of all places on planet Earth. Well the simple answer is... Silicon Valley!!

Silicon Valley, a region in San Francisco is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations and small technology innovative start-ups. Despite the development of other high-tech sector economic centres throughout the US and the world, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading hub for high-tech innovation. The place reeks of technological riches. If you’re a sucker for technology and gadgets like me and want to be close to the “techno Village” join me on an impossible mission to start a camp site a kilometre away.

Technology corporations such as Adobe Systems, Apple Inc, Cisco Systems, eBay, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Hewlett- Packard to mention a couple are some of the giant techno corporations which have contributed to making Silicon Valley a destination for technology innovation. These giant corporations have through their creativity and developments turned the world into one technology crazy space.

Like the late legendary South African artist Brenda Fassie once sang “Soon and very Soon we are going to see the king”... not known how soon I will embark on my journey to San Francisco, but soon and very soon I shall land the boat my good pal Kobus Van Niekerk inherited from his pipe smoking oupa meneer Van Niekerk.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


On Saturday night the young ones came out to play, at FRONT SEAT a night spot situated in Daveyton, east of Jozi. The night was full of crazy moments and too much dancing. The Deejays at the party gave those who were at the party a night to remember... Da Kruk and his mate Movutta are to be applauded for putting together a fantastic event and for shaking Daveyton. MEMORIES WERE Definitely CREATED AT DA KRUKS BDAY PARTY!!!


ETRO the Italian fashion brand was founded in 1968 by the visionary Gimmo Etro. When ETRO started out Gimmo launched a production of highly prestigious fabrics using noble and natural fibres.

ETRO made its debut in 1981, with the Paisley Motif used to enrich the first collection which was set to become the mark of the labels identity. In 1984 ETRO added leather goods, bags and travel bags to its fascinating product range. In achieving such, the fashion brand got the much needed recognition and became a symbol of elegance. ETRO brought some sense of style and carries with it a meaning.

Consolidating and complementing the brands lifestyle concept, ETRO introduced in 1986 its home accessories and in the late 90’s ETRO fragrance line came into existence... to date  the  ETRO collection extends to over 20 exclusive fragrances and dedicated boutiques globally.

What really epitomised the label into a lifestyle brand of sophistication and meaning is the exceptional use of materials and the prints made ETRO unique and unrepeatable. The family owned fashion label has made its point globally and has seen many of its garments showcased at big fashion events.

Whether you’re in New York, Cape Town, Rio, Seoul, Moscow or London doing some retail therapy, and you come across ETRO don’t hesitate to make a purchase because this is one brand your closet would love to rub shoulders with.    

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Two techno giants Apple and Samsung were at lock-a-heads last week over the patents debacle, which saw Apple emerge victorious in the most high-profile case, in California. Samsung was charged with a fine of $1 billion dollars after the jury found it guilty of copying iPhone and iPad designs. Being charged with such foul display for a giant techno company of Samsung’s calibre is a little embarrassing and someone at the company needs to be held accountable.

What really seems to be at stake here is the bragging rights and the image. One wonders if this victory by Apple will have a damaging effect on the South Korean electronics manufacturer. Apple has a reputation of being the innovator and Samsung on the other hand is known to bring a wonderful feeling to consumers. Steve Jobs, the late found of Apple is probably celebrating the victory in his grave.
So why is Apple largely focusing its attention on suing Samsung when they are also suing other major consumer electronics manufacturers? Well the answer is simple. Samsung is the one electronics maker that can give Apple a run for its penny.

Recently Samsung released the Galaxy SIII that packs a quad-core processor and runs on google’s Android operating systems. The Galaxy SIII is huge, fast like Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, powerful and has exceptional features... though critics think it’s too huge and citing that some of the extras are to gimmicky. The Galaxy SIII steps into the shoes of the Galaxy SII, which won many compliments and sold in great numbers resulting in Samsung clinching the crown of the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Being crowned the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and losing a court battle to Apple, the second biggest mobile phone manufacturer and probably the world’s biggest tablet maker, Samsung will never give in to the loss to Apple and will always rally to stay at top... so for now it’s safe to say scores are level between the techno giants.

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is similar to that of Barcelona and Real Madrid or of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Apple might have won this battle, but the war is far from over.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Time keeper- Fossil Black rubber strap watch 

Pants thing- Camel Ivan Chino's

Eye gadget- Ray Ban Mens sunglasses

Paul Smith belt

break the tile with  Lacoste Suede Loafers

Polo striped T-shirt 

Get the smell right with Tommy for Men by Tommy Hilfiger

Monday, 3 September 2012


The Malian born actress turned singer Fatoumata Diawara is one performer who does not like to say much, but lets her music do the talking for her. Too many individuals in her home country of Mali highly regard her music, and she also has a following in countries such as Senegal, Guinea, and Burkina Faso.

During quiet moments at rehearsals when she was still a stage actress, she would take to singing at the backstage for her own amusement. Encouraged by the reception from people around her and audiences who’ve had the pleasure to witness her singing, she began to sing in Parisian night spots and events in Mali and Ivory Coast. It was when the singer teamed up with Cheikh Tidiane for a project where she was offered an opportunity to be a chorus vocalist she started making a mark on the music scene. Fatoumata travelled global with big Jazz names such as American Jazz artist Dee Bridgewater and fellow Malian Jazz star Oumou Sangare to mention a few.

Fatoumata dedicated herself to her passion and love for music. She worked to complete an album’s worth of songs and started recording demo’s for which she composed and arranged all titles, as well as playing the guitar and singing vocals. An introduction from Oumou Sangare led to a record deal with World Circuit and recording her debut album. The creative singer collaborated with Damon Albarn and contributed Vocals to albums by Cheikh Lo, Afro-Cubism, Herbie Hancock’s GRAMMY winning Imagine Project and Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou.

The Afro-soul Jazz artist with a beautiful joyous voice released her debut album in 2011 and recently finished working an album titled “Rocket Juice and the Moon” with Jazz Band Flea.

Fatoumata performed at the international Back2Black festival where she gave a stunning performance which many appreciated and enjoyed quite recently. The event celebrated Africa’s influence on music and culture across the globe. At the event she shared the stage with some awesome international Jazz greats such as South Africa’s Hugh Masekela, Amadou and Miriam, and Jorge Ben Jor.

Attend her performance and you shall be left breatheless and reeling for more.