Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tech Bite: Eutechnyx to release NASCAR games for PC and mobile platforms

Award winning racing game developers Eutechnyx recently announced that they will be releasing NASCAR: The Game 2013 for PC and NASCAR: Redline for mobile platforms later this year.

Eutechnyx revealed they have acquired the NASCAR license and will self-publish both games without a third party publisher, after previously releasing the multiplatform NASCAR 2011: The Game together with Activision.

NASCAR: The Game is currently in development for Windows, featuring a collection of recreated scenarios from previous NASCAR races and seasons. NASCAR is America’s most loved Motorsports and is the second professional sports franchises in terms of television ratings in the United States with National Football League on top. If you’re a true gaming enthusiast this is a game to have and enjoy with mates.

Players are allowed to prepare their cars for 500 miles around Daytona International Speedway, this sounds like a game an old school mate of mine Vick might want to get his fingers on. Players can take to the tracks and redefine races using the new Gen 6 model cars; they can also have a shot of becoming the Sprint Cup Series champion by starting a competitive season as a rookie driver, racing against their favourite NASCAR drivers in career mode.

The mobile version NASCAR: Redline will mark the first licensed NASCAR videogame to be made available for mobile devices. The game combines touch-reaction racing action with management tools, gifting players the opportunity to control the way they race.

Both games offer gaming modes, Career and Season, and to add on the fun a player can get sponsors and manage the team.

So if you’re into racing and speed this might be a game to try out once it comes out.

Ashley Mokwena

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Couture Corner: Ermenegildo Zegna’s way of pimpin’ a man in times of chilliness

There are many global fashion brands that do style a modern man to perfect effect and so without mentioning names do find themselves losing the plot when putting together a collection for the modern male figure.

With the Northern part of the equator enjoying the warm weather, we in the South are stuck in the chill of winter, which brings me to taking a little peak at Ermenegildo Zegna mens 2013 winter collection. This is a collection creative director Paul Surridge can boast about, his team stuck to the values of the Italian label that have brought great designs, which is evident in this collection.

The collection is dominated by outer-wear pieces with heat-seamed waterproof Mackintosh coats. This is a collection I feel resonates with a man of style and can make him stand out.

Ashley Mokwena

Monday, 24 June 2013

Beat box: Jigga to release Magna Carta Holy Grail

Born Shawn Carter, Jay-Z organised a scavenger hunt in Brooklyn, New York this past weekend to unveil the titles of songs for his upcoming album “Magna Carta Holy Grail”. Jay-Z’s publicist Jana Fleishman micro-blogged on twitter photos of locations in New York City where fans could find black binds that contain the albums tracklist.

The 13 track album is due to be released the first week of July and is described as a project that brushes on surviving the tough times and success, but through all of that staying true to yourself. Magna Carta Holy Grail will also drop with two bonus tracks titled “Holy Grail” and “Open Letter.

Track list:

1.       Picasso Baby
2.       Heaven
3.       Versus
4.       Tom Ford
5.       Beach is Better
6.       Fuck with me you know I got it
7.       Oceans
8.       F.U.T.W
9.       Part II
10.   BBC
11.   La Familia
12.   Jay-Z Blue
13.   Nickles and Dimes
14.   Holy Grail (Bonus Track)
15.   Open Letter (Bonus Track)

Ashley Mokwena

Sounds of the moment

Forbidden Fruit – J.Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar

 The Kick – Wande Coal ft. Don Jazzy

  Watching Movies – Mac Miller

 Kontrol – Aka ft. Da Les

  New Slaves – Kanye West


Friday, 21 June 2013

Box Office: The attempting of conning a boss and the saving of the planet


Cast: Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci
Directed By: Michael Hoffman
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 29 min

A comedy that follows an art curator Harry Deane in his quest to plot and con his boss Lord Lionel Shahbandar (Alan Rickman) into buying a fake Claude Monet painting and pocketing the cash starts when he meets PJ Puznowski and American cowgirl who offers to help him. Their plan, however, doesn’t go as smoothly as planned when Lord Shahbandar doesn’t take the bait as easily. If you haven’t watched a good comedy in a while, I’d suggest checking out this one.

Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D

Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho
Directed By: JJ Abrams
Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Running Time: 2 hr. 9 min

Star Trek fans have gathered to see Chris Pine reprise his role as Captain Kirk in the sequel as the crew of the Enterprise is home when they realise that there is a threat from within their organisation when their fleet is detonated. The world is now in a crisis and Captain Kirk rounds his troops to face the dangers that this disaster poses and risks the very friendships and bonds that bind them in doing so to save the world.



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Interview

Da Stitch recently caught up with the humble and intelligent Nick Duncan the man behind a South African premium blog marketplace site, myScoop.

Da Stitch: What is myscoop?
Nick Duncan: myScoop is a premium blog marketplace. It connects brands with bloggers and an innovative manner allowing the brands to gain additional relevant exposure while monetising the blogs of South Africa. Simply put, bloggers write sponsored posts about brands.

DS: What is myScoop’s main objective?
ND: The main objective is to extend the reach of brands in a relevant way and help bloggers monetise their blogs.

DS: How does the blogger and the advertiser benefit from the service of myscoop?
ND: How myScoop benefits bloggers: The estimated fee per sponsored post is determined by the “estimated reach” of that blog. We calculate this internally and mostly based on how many unique visitors visit the blog’s home page in a month. There are checks to ensure the system cannot be gamed. As a blogger, you have full control over which brand you would like to write about. Once a campaign becomes available, you have the option whether or not you would like to be part of it.
ND: How myScoop benefits brands:myScoop believes in high quality and full transparency. As an advertiser, you can choose which blogs you would like to use. We supply statistics and relevancy scores for each blog. We ensure that only the best suited blogs write about your product or brand. Once all the posts are up, an in-depth report is generated to help calculate the reach and ROI for your campaign.

DS: Since inception how many bloggers have signed up to use the service?
ND: Over 1200

DS: Should bloggers in South Africa be taken seriously? And Why?
ND: Yes. Bloggers can have a unique influence on the population. For example, according to Technorati, blogs rank 3rd for online services most likely to influence a purchase, just behind brand sites and retail sites.
DS: Describe myscoop in a single word?
ND: Innovative.

Twitter: @my_Scoop

Da Stitch