Wednesday, 22 August 2012


If there is one technology whose future looks much brighter and exciting it is the TV. Since its invention, it has gone through many transitional phases to great success. However you choose to look at it, the Television has for many years played an integral role in our lives.

Technology has allowed the Television the space to grow. Smart TV’s or Internet TV’s however you choose to address it, use display systems just like existing units, but are different in one important respect: they can connect to the Internet. Just like the cable, satellite and digital revolutions of previous eras, Smart TV’s promise to radically alter the way millions of people receive their TV signals.

Industry leaders of the television market such as Sony, Samsung and LG have largely dedicated themselves to giving the viewer a great experience and Smart TV’s are another way for these industry leaders to ensuring that families across the globe enjoy moments together. With the ability to connect to the internet similarly to a smart phone and a computer, this enables a Smart TV to run applications which have unlimited possibilities.

Smart TV’s intend to give viewers the chance to instantly stream television shows and movies. With features such as: integrated social media sites, on-demand programs, email capability and internet search functionality who in their right mind wouldn’t want to own a Smart Telly? Unless if affordability is an issue...

When purchasing a Smart TV one needs to know exactly which brand they desire, be wary of the number of features, the cost and service charges for streaming media. Viewers who enjoy watching Sports, action movies or who play a lot of video games will fall in love with the great visuals and the size of Smart TV’s.

If you’re a bachelor with a penthouse just be careful after purchasing a Smart TV as you might have frequent visitations from unwanted individuals who probably would want to watch Bollywood movies or Soapies.

Some of the best Smart TV’s in the market:





Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Kibonen Nfi, the Cameroonian born fashion designer who now resides in New York, United States is well known for her edgy twisted traditional style. The Fashion Institute of technology graduate’s designs are targeted at young professionals, Savvy consumers and mature clients who understand the intricacy and style of her creations.

Setting up her fashion business, Kirette Couture, in the fast pace city of New York wasn’t much of a struggle as most of the materials needed to get the business running could easily be acquired and as well as getting a proper location didn’t pose a major threat.

Kibonen’s signature style is mainly inspired by the “toghu”- a colourful and intricately embroidered robe typically worn on special occasions by the people of Cameroon’s Western Highlands region.

The free spirited, fun loving and adventurous Cameroonian designer hopes to change the face of the fashion industry in her native land. In 2011 she teamed with fellow countryman David Nso a model and actor to initiate a concept that entailed searching for a super model who could make a difference and one who could be a role model that young Cameroonians could look up too. Apart from designing clothes Kibonen is also an image consultant and events co-ordinator.

The Cameroonian designer formally headed the Sales team at Xerox Cameroon and also led the                             technical and Administration teams. During the period April 2006 she was appointed Sales co-ordinator at P&G Prestige Products where she ensured sales targets where attained. After acquiring the relevant selling knowledge and skill Kibonen went on to fully focusing on her childhood dream of becoming a designer.

Faith removes limitations, and Kibonen never in a single moment doubted or traded what she loved and understood the most, and to be frank as an individual why should you limit yourself? Circumstances or no circumstances if you aspire to be a fashion designer go for it.



Psquared recently landed an international record deal, signing with artist and record producer Akon’s Konvict Muzik. A month ago Psquared released a sizzling new hit “Beautiful Onyinye” featuring Rick Ross following a club banger titled “Chop my money”.

When Nigerian twins Peter and Paul Okoye formed Psquared they embarked on a mission of becoming one of the greatest Bands in Africa. The duo have mesmerised Africa with their Afro-beat sound that was made famous by Nigerian greats such as Fela Kuti, Eric “showboy” Akaeza and Sonny Okosun.
Psquared stormed into the music scene in the early 2000’s with their album titled “Last Nite” which was released under record label Timbuk2. The album got nominated for the most promising African Group at the KORA Awards three months after its release.

In 2005 the group went on to release its second album, “Get Squared” under their own label Square Records. The band has amazed crowds the world over sharing stages with international acts such as American RnB star Ginuwine, Sean Paul, Akon, Rick Ross, J.Martins and Busola Keshiro to name a few. The dynamic duo has firmly cemented themselves, as one of the most successful Nigerian acts, following the likes of D’banj, 2Face, Naeto C, and Sasha. It was their third album “Game Over” that initially earned Psquared internationally recognition, several awards nominations and awards. The album sold over eight million copies worldwide ensuring that the duo not only reach for the sky, but exceed the sky.

The duo is currently on tour, sharing their songs that epitomised them and their vibrancy with the rest of the continent and the world. To give a stern warning their electrifying performances will   undoubtedly leave the audience reeling for more and shouting their lungs out.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Nozuko Mbatha was born in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg. Known as Nozzie to those in her social circle.Earlier this year she completed a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Johannesburg.

The young energetic artists work is inspired by her strong Christian believes and has a little mixture of colour which she explained that Influences emotions. Nozuko is highly driven by the views she receives from her viewers and those around her. When asked on her first exhibition, she replied by saying that she felt recognised as an artist where her art crossed barriers and was informative and broad. Through her work one can spot her relaxed personality. Nozuko reckons she is the future of South African art and also believes that her art carries a special meaning.

From here on we can expect more of her works being exhibited and who knows we might also witness Nozuko climb to the heights of owning her own gallery.
It’s very inspiring to see young individuals like Nozuko putting an effort in realizing their dream and also working hard towards a desired position.  With her work ethic and passion what could really stop her from prospering and reaching for the stars.

Website: www.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Mustafa Hassanali, the Tanzanian designer recently launched his first Islamic Collection at the Dakar Fashion Week right in time for the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan. The Islamic Collection is inspired by the sense of respect and a true Muslim woman shows.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Born to  the family of a music legend, Nkulee Dube in only a short spell of time in the music industry has managed to rubber stamp her name and earn herself a following not only in South Africa but across the globe too.

The daughter of the late reggae music legend Luck Dube glides and slides with ease in between her songs as she traverses between ragga and ethno-soul. As a guest artist and backing vocalist she was part of her late father's band "One People" and has dazzled crowds at major international festivals in countries such as Australia, Germany, holland and French Guyana to name a few.

Nkulee performing in Belgium

Nkulee's international solo career began with the release of her debut album titled " My Way" which earned her both Metro Fm  and South African Music Awards nominations for Best Designed Album and Best Produced Album respectfully. In early July she scooped an international award at the 31st International Reggae and World Music Awards which were held at Chicago, USA. Taking one award of the six nominations she had, Nkulee is certainly living her fathers legacy.

Nkulee collecting her first international award

Losing her father never resulted in breaking down, but instead it strengthened her. The hard working Nkulee deserves her current success and surely she is destined for greatness.

Monday, 6 August 2012


Lucas Ossendrijver and Alber Elbas focused their attention on the Cut and texture rather than the usage of colour.

Lavin 2013 Spring/Summer:

Thursday, 2 August 2012


1. Wimbledon

2. Durban July

3. Lady Gaga

4. e filing

5. Euro 2012


In August 1956 South African women embarked on a massive March to Pretoria. More than 20 000 representing all racial backgrounds from all over South Africa marched to the Union Building to hand over a petition to the Prime Ministers Office, petitioning against the Pass Laws. The women showed resilience, leadership qualities and bravery.

Women such as Winnie Mandela, Albertina Sisulu, Adelade Tambo and Helen Joseph to name a few were some of the struggles heroins who through their sheer determination played a big role in the struggle for freedom and democracy. It's women such as them who have blessed not only South Africa but the whole of the African continent with a new crop of African women.

The modern women is one of power and one who aims for greater heights regardless of the circumstance and short falls. If there is a strong person that can tolerate and withstand challenges it is a women.

To all women across the globe happy womens month and enjoy it to the fullest.

Ashley Mokwena

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