Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Kibonen Nfi, the Cameroonian born fashion designer who now resides in New York, United States is well known for her edgy twisted traditional style. The Fashion Institute of technology graduate’s designs are targeted at young professionals, Savvy consumers and mature clients who understand the intricacy and style of her creations.

Setting up her fashion business, Kirette Couture, in the fast pace city of New York wasn’t much of a struggle as most of the materials needed to get the business running could easily be acquired and as well as getting a proper location didn’t pose a major threat.

Kibonen’s signature style is mainly inspired by the “toghu”- a colourful and intricately embroidered robe typically worn on special occasions by the people of Cameroon’s Western Highlands region.

The free spirited, fun loving and adventurous Cameroonian designer hopes to change the face of the fashion industry in her native land. In 2011 she teamed with fellow countryman David Nso a model and actor to initiate a concept that entailed searching for a super model who could make a difference and one who could be a role model that young Cameroonians could look up too. Apart from designing clothes Kibonen is also an image consultant and events co-ordinator.

The Cameroonian designer formally headed the Sales team at Xerox Cameroon and also led the                             technical and Administration teams. During the period April 2006 she was appointed Sales co-ordinator at P&G Prestige Products where she ensured sales targets where attained. After acquiring the relevant selling knowledge and skill Kibonen went on to fully focusing on her childhood dream of becoming a designer.

Faith removes limitations, and Kibonen never in a single moment doubted or traded what she loved and understood the most, and to be frank as an individual why should you limit yourself? Circumstances or no circumstances if you aspire to be a fashion designer go for it.


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