Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Couture Corner: Beauty moments on runways Part 1

 For the next three Couture Corner pieces to be put together we will look at some of the best beauty moments at some of the globes big fashion events, from the happenings on runaways in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Johannesburg, Beijing, and Sao Poalo to name a couple. Let’s go...

Today we look at the 2013 Spring/Summer collections from Marco Jacobs, John Varvatos and Herve Leger.

Marc Jacobs

Event showcased at: New York Fashion Week
This time around the iconic designer’s collection revolves around the mixture of colour and well put patterns. The collection is perfect evidence of why some of the planets celebrities align their figures with a Marc Jacobs design.

John Varvatos

Event showcased at: Milan Fashion Week

The first time I saw a design by John Varvatos I was in grade 9, when a History educator was going on the whole period about his soft and light John Varvatos jacket which he acquired when he was on vacation in London... Okay! Enough with that BS. This collection by John Varvatos takes us back to the era of prohibition.

Herve Leger

Event showcased at: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Max Azria has neatly and elegantly put his collection, actually the designs could fit someone of Mbali’s figure like a glove. Oh by the way Mbali is my varsity crush who still manages to freeze the living daylight out of my knees.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Beat box: The spirit of Kwaai still lives

Kwaito music has played its own role in putting South African music and entertainment on the world map. The genre has produced some of South Africa’s greatest talent and still gives us great talent, from the likes of Arthur Mafokate to your Kabelo Mabalanes to your Professors.

A month ago I was having a discussion with a fellow peer touching on music and the landscape of South African music. We brushed up on music genres such as Jazz, Afro Pop, House and Dance, and hip-hop to mention a few. The reason for the discussion was to really analyse which genre paved the way for our music industry and how it has influenced the music landscape in the republic. And believe it or not after conducting our own research on Social media space and having little focus groups with music lovers, it proved to us that Kwaito music a genre many thought was dead was still alive and was amongst the influential. 

 Spikiri aka King Don Father fixing up a jam in the studio

 Mdu Masilela doing what he knows best, entertaining the crowd

 90s band Boom Shaka
Kwaito is what Rap music is to the American’s; personally Kwaito has influenced youngsters like me to understand the everyday struggles of our townships, but also highlighting the joys too. The music genre has also managed to spread its wings across African.

Many have mentioned that Kwaito is dead, but to prove that it’s still alive we still get music lovers and critics get down to songs by the likes of L’vovo, professor, Oskido, Thebe and Arthur Mafokate.

Boom Shaka, Bongo Muffin, Skeem, Mdu, Mshoza, Alaska, Tkzee, Brown Dash, Isinyoka and Mandoza are some of the acts whose music is still largely enjoyed across South Africa. 

If Kwaito were a boxer, I would probably align it with greats such as George Foreman and Lennox Lewis. Wait! Wait! Wait! Maybe I should approach the king of Kwaito Arthur Mafokate and Spikiri one of kwaito music’s top producers to join forces with me on a roadshow across Southern Africa and remind people what Kwaito is.

My top 5 Kwaito songs:

  1. Vuvuzela- Arthur Mafokate
  2. Why you for me- Mdu Masilela
  3. Thobela- Boom Shaka ft. Thebe
  4. Waar was jy- Skeem
  5. Puff ‘n Pass- Brown dash
Ashley Mokwena

Stand out from the Crowd with Samsonite Essensis

Samsonite’s distinctive Essensis collection is the first luggage range designed for women by women. Based on the recommendations of 1 226 female globe trotters, the Essensis range marries practicality and good looks.

Manufactured from high-tech Makrolon Polycarbonate which is both durable and impact resistant, the Essensis collection features a lined interior divider with two pockets (one mesh and one fully lined), cross ribbons to prevent creasing, a 20 cm reverse zipper that makes it easy to pack that last minute gift and double tube wheel handle that stabilizes a shopping or handbag on top of the suitcase. The beautiful geometric pattern – inspired by the flower of life – gives Essensis that final, special feminine touch.

This collection is available in 55, 69 and 75 cm spinners in ivory, burgundy and coffee from leading luggage stores nationwide. To locate a stockist near you, visit www.samsonite.com or call (031) 266 0620.

Recommended retail prices:
·         Samsonite Essensis 55 cm spinner: R2,795.00
·         Samsonite Essensis 69 cm spinner: R2,995.00
·         Samsonite Essensis 75 cm spinner: R3,295.00

Samsonite – Life’s a journey.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Box Office: A lot of shooting and crime scene clean-up

Today we review two crime drama films, which star some of Hollywood’s big guns. From these two films one can expect a lot of shooting and cop chasing.

The Freelancers

Director: Jessy Terrero

Cast: Curtis “50 cent” Jackson, Robert De Niro and Forest Whitaker

Running Time: 96 minutes

After watching a trailer of this film my expectation of The Freelancers performing well in the box office were high, but off course not as high as blockbusters such as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn or James Bond: Skyfall. Starring the likes of Robert De Niro, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Forest Whitaker this film revolves around the son (50 cent) of slain NYPD Officer joining the police academy. After graduating the son becomes part of Captain Joe Sarcone (De Niro) rogue task team.  The task team is tasked with sorting the mess of the streets of New York.

The Cold Light of Day

Director: Mabrouk El Mechri

Cast: Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and Henry Cavill

Running Time: 93 minutes

In this film we see Bruce Willis play a role of a spy who’s on a mission to find an ultra-secret document that everyone is after. The messy film starts with Willis’ family sailing along the Spanish coast, where they are abducted and now have to find a solution of getting out of trouble. If you’re a fan of crime drama’s from this offering expect well staged settings and a cool car chase, but I doubt after watching this movie you will talk about it to your colleagues or peers, as it’s a dull and messy film. With Skyfall opening next week The Cold Light of Day will struggle for eyes.

Ashley Mokwena

DionWired takes on Black Friday sale madness with online specials

The internationally acclaimed Black Friday online sale phenomenon has hit South Africa today, Friday 23 November with www.dionwired.co.za running a number of web specials at never seen before prices.
Leading the parade has to be the Samsung 40” 3D FHD LED TV (UA40EH6030) normal selling price of R6 900.00, Black Friday price R4 900.00.

Discerning customers can also get their hands on the impressive Samsung Metallic Side by Side Fridge Freezer with Water Dispenser, normal selling price of R10 000.00 and the Black Friday price is R7 800.00.

Spoil the kids this Christmas with a Nintendo wii premium bundle including wii Console, 3 games, 2 nunchucks and 2 remotes, normal selling price of R2 500.00 Black Friday price of R1 900.00.
Finally, tech savvy shoppers can bag themselves a Lenovo i7 laptop for R6 000.00 (normal selling price is R7 500.00)

DionWired is also offering free courier delivery, nationwide, on all online orders.

Shop online: dionwired.co.za, Black Friday Sale Starts 8am, Friday 23 November 2012.

If you have any queries – please call  0861 426 323.  


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tech Bite: Nintendo serves new console to gamers

The world of gaming consoles saw days ago Nintendo introduce a new console in the saturated video-game market. The Wii U has joined the increasing number of tech gadgets that posses a touch screen (6.2 inch) controller.

The remote control, called the GamePad, upgrades the overall gaming experience with features commonly found on smartphones like touch gestures, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a stylus for handwriting and a front-facing camera. Instead of using antiquated directional buttons to navigate the system, a tap on the screen can send a character into game. A touch-screen keyboard simplifies writing messages and setting up accounts.

The GamePad’s screen can be reflected on a television set, meaning that more people can watch what a gamer is doing in a game. The game can also play only on the GamePad to free up the big telly screen for those who want to watch something on the telly. The controller of the Wii U can’t be used on its own 25 feet away from the console.

Should be one of this who has a Wii, its games and accessories like Wii Balance Board are compatible with the new Wii U. Nintendo have included apps for Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and TVii, a tool that lets gamers use the GamePad to control the set- top boxes, TV’s and DVRs which are expected to work by December.

The Wii U currently has over 30 games available and 20 more are expected by March.
A question from me to Nintendo, why release the Wii U now when competitors are unleashing their consoles next year?  

Ashley Mokwena

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Couture Corner: WHAT’S IN A JEAN?

It’s a Saturday afternoon and a friend and I were walking around the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. We were looking for a gift for his township swagging cousin who’s known as Scroof. This character Scroof is well renowned in Kwa-Thema a township situated on the east of Africa’s richest city Johannesburg, for illegal street gambling and for selling counterfeit jeans, which bring him plenty of moola. The most intriguing factor about Scroof is he never wears counterfeit jeans. Scroof loves and takes good care of his jeans.

For someone who’s constantly on a hustles, I wonder when Scroof finds time to wash his “JEAN PANTS.”  
For many decades now jeans have played a pivotal role in a life of a human. I could actually say jeans where actually one of the greatest inventions to emerge from the fashion industry. When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis first created the jean they were perhaps not sure of what they were doing. Their invention to date still has meaning to humans and has inspired many designers to follow in their footsteps.

If there is one question I still struggle to get around is, what’s really in a jean that we humans across the global actually admire?

Go to Rio, New York, Paris, Bamako or the war torn Kabul the capital city of Afganistan you bound to find a jean.

So is it safe to say “JEAN PANTS” are admired because they are friendly to us and treat us well? Oh I hope my question makes sense.

Ashley Mokwena   


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