Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tech Bite: Nintendo serves new console to gamers

The world of gaming consoles saw days ago Nintendo introduce a new console in the saturated video-game market. The Wii U has joined the increasing number of tech gadgets that posses a touch screen (6.2 inch) controller.

The remote control, called the GamePad, upgrades the overall gaming experience with features commonly found on smartphones like touch gestures, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a stylus for handwriting and a front-facing camera. Instead of using antiquated directional buttons to navigate the system, a tap on the screen can send a character into game. A touch-screen keyboard simplifies writing messages and setting up accounts.

The GamePad’s screen can be reflected on a television set, meaning that more people can watch what a gamer is doing in a game. The game can also play only on the GamePad to free up the big telly screen for those who want to watch something on the telly. The controller of the Wii U can’t be used on its own 25 feet away from the console.

Should be one of this who has a Wii, its games and accessories like Wii Balance Board are compatible with the new Wii U. Nintendo have included apps for Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and TVii, a tool that lets gamers use the GamePad to control the set- top boxes, TV’s and DVRs which are expected to work by December.

The Wii U currently has over 30 games available and 20 more are expected by March.
A question from me to Nintendo, why release the Wii U now when competitors are unleashing their consoles next year?  

Ashley Mokwena

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