Tuesday, 6 November 2012


South Africa is filled with designers who have conquered the African continent and designers who deserve to be recognised on a global scale. One designer who has shown consistency and passion for fashion not only in South Africa, but in Africa too is David Tlale.
The Johannesburg based designer has for the past decade put together distinctly unique and meticulous detailed designs which carry an African feel while moving with the trends of fashion. Along with designers such as Deola Sagoe, Robi Morro, Jamilla Vera Swai and Mustafa Hassanali who are great ambassadors of African fashion, David is too a great face of African fashion.
The designer has shown his works across Africa and as well as at global shows, from Paris to New York.
David Tlale’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection made an appearance at The 2012 Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Week. The collection is themed as “transcendence” because it’s very much influenced by his native country of South Africa. Inspired by colour and beautiful touches of sunrise with orange and yellow leading into the sunsets with black this collection speaks Sophistication to the core. The elegant and chic gourmets are well carved and contain some level of cleanness.
With this collection we get a glimpse of David’s craftsmanship qualities and not to endorse him or anything, quality and style deserve to be applauded.

David Tlales Collection:

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