Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Couture Corner: Beauty moments on runways Part 1

 For the next three Couture Corner pieces to be put together we will look at some of the best beauty moments at some of the globes big fashion events, from the happenings on runaways in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Johannesburg, Beijing, and Sao Poalo to name a couple. Let’s go...

Today we look at the 2013 Spring/Summer collections from Marco Jacobs, John Varvatos and Herve Leger.

Marc Jacobs

Event showcased at: New York Fashion Week
This time around the iconic designer’s collection revolves around the mixture of colour and well put patterns. The collection is perfect evidence of why some of the planets celebrities align their figures with a Marc Jacobs design.

John Varvatos

Event showcased at: Milan Fashion Week

The first time I saw a design by John Varvatos I was in grade 9, when a History educator was going on the whole period about his soft and light John Varvatos jacket which he acquired when he was on vacation in London... Okay! Enough with that BS. This collection by John Varvatos takes us back to the era of prohibition.

Herve Leger

Event showcased at: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Max Azria has neatly and elegantly put his collection, actually the designs could fit someone of Mbali’s figure like a glove. Oh by the way Mbali is my varsity crush who still manages to freeze the living daylight out of my knees.

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