Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Today we do things differently, instead of featuring a fashion designer we decided to have a look at three women of different generations in the history of US politics. The three have stood the test of time and have had to deal with much. Jackie, Hillary and Michelle all of whom their husbands know what it takes to run for presidency and occupying the seat at the White House. These women not only posses some power to encourage and leadership qualities, but they are inspirational, beautiful, classy and stylish.

The images below show how these first ladies looked, be it on rallies, doing charity work or attending gala dinners.

Jacqueline Kennedy:
She is the former first lady and wife to John F. Kennedy who occupied the White House in 1963.

Hillary Clinton:
Hillary, the current Secretary General is the wife of former president Bill Clinton who occupied the presidential seat in 1993 until January 2001.

Michelle Obama:
Michelle the woman we all love across the global is the first black first lady, whose husband Barack Obama took over from former Republican George W. Bush in 2008.

These women share similar experiences and form part of the history of the Democrats.

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