Monday, 12 November 2012


This past Saturday Joburgers were treated to a fantastic performance by one of this generation’s super marvellous rock bands, Linkin Park.

Linkin Park came to existence in 1996, a year in which I was doing my grade 3 at Arbor Primary School situated in lonely Benoni. In the same year the band stepped into the rock scene with its debut album titled ‘Hybrid Theory’, which sold multi-platinum internationally.

I remember the first time when I heard of Linkin Park I was in grade 4 on a school tour to Mpumalanga, while sitting in the bus with my white mate Trevor Jones listening to music through his stereo, sharing his earpieces. Me as a black kid from the dusty streets of Daveyton who enjoyed his kwaito music, I must say I was sceptic of Linkin Park’s sound and style of music. But after hours of listening to Linkin Park my perception changed a bit and my heart warmed up to the sound.

Following the bands successful debut album, Linkin Park went on to releasing a second sizzling album ‘Meteora’, an album which sold like sis Selena’s warm voetkoeks. Meteora topped the Billboard 200 album chart and earned Linkin Park many fans across the globe.  Having adopted the nu-metal and rap metal style in the first two albums ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’, the band took the risk of exploring other genres in their next album ‘Minutes to Midnight’ which was released in 2007.

‘Minutes to Midnight’ topped charts across the global and gained 3rd best debut week of any album the same year of its release. The bands four album ‘A thousand Suns’ was equip with some bit of electronic sounds and beats, but still had that noisy sound that made Linkin Park what it is today.

The phenomenal band from the US, also partnered with several acts most notably rapper Jay-Z with whom they released an EP titled 'Collision Course'. Added to the bands success and releasing their latest album ‘Living Things’, Linkin Park to date has sold over 60 million albums worldwide and also scooped two Grammy Awards for the excellent contribution they have made to the rock music scene.
I am one of those music lovers who fully pay respect to Linkin Park and on behalf of rock crack heads in South Africa thank you Linkin Park for invading our beautiful land.

Ashley Mokwena 

Twitter handle: @linkinpark

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