Monday, 3 December 2012

Editors Shout

With November gone, now we face the silly and hectic month of December. The vibe has begun, the birds are going to sing a different tune and Father Christmas and his Reindeers will be invading our space... Oh! And my 8 year old cousin has completed her letter ready to send to the white beard man. I hope her letter gets to the intended recipient.
This month on Da Stitch we carry on dishing out fabulous content that’s readable and informative. So if you want to know about your favourite musician, Fashion happenings, techno news and gadgets, and on films be sure to stay a frequent reader of Da Stitch.
Enjoy the festive season, but remember take good care of yourselfness (messed up English) and please don’t do things you might regret.
Ashley Mokwena

Twitter handle: @ashfonik
Facebook: Ash ‘Van Katchum’ Mokwena

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