Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tech Bite: Xmas goodies to get!!!

Two weeks ago I overheard a conversation between my uncle and his friend Kabelo about what they want to get their wife’s for Christmas. So I interrupted the conversation and gave some advice to the two men.
Instead of giving them weak advice they probably used to, I told them to pay a DionWired Store a visit or go on the website. The response I got from uncle a day later was, “boy I’m getting my wife and myself something from DionWired.” Not that uncle hasn’t heard of DionWired, but he was just amazed by what his eyes came across.
Sounding like a teenage football loving fan after purchasing a Barcelona t-shirt over the phone he said, “I got myself and the wife cool gadgets from DionWired.”
So here I decided to post six goodies someone my age and my uncle’s age (36-45 years) would want to get themselves or a partner this Christmas.

Stay connected with the stylish iPhone 5, R 9,300

Keep up with the... with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, R 8,300

Play and charge you gadgets with the DVD Micro System from Philips, R 1,700

Enjoy watching the telly with the Sony 40 inch full HD LCD Bravia TV, R 5,299

Nikon let’s you capture the moment and create unforgettable memories, R 1,000

Feel like George Clooney and get the bragging rights by acquiring the Nespresso Citiz and Milk Red machine, R 3,600

Thanks to DionWired for igniting my uncles senses.

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