Friday, 21 December 2012

A taste of what’s right on the money

Its 10:30am (20/12/2012) and I am filled with excitement and also pumped up about what’s going down in the next 30 minutes. Entering the reception at the offices of the IntelliLab located on the Kingsway campus of the University of Johannesburg where the sexy and youthful television production SugaRushed is mastered, I was nicely greeted by the tall figure of Nico Steyn the creator and Co-executive of the production.
After being there for 2 minutes, the creative genius Nico offered me a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Soon after Nico and I embarked on a mission, walking down the passage entering every single room meeting the hard working individuals who are behind SugaRushed.
Dupreez creating music with indie and alternative artist Taryn Paynter

SugaRushed recording booth
SugaRushed is a reality soap based on the drama and daily dealings of a music label and recording studio. What makes SugaRushed a great concept is that it’s a well thought of innovative product with an aim to discover exciting and fresh musical talent across South Africa. The first episode of SugaRushed aired on Top One, channel 150, on TopTV 26 November 2012.
When Nico and I finally got the chance to sit and have a chat, the first question I asked him was the inspiration behind such a production which he answered with great enthusiasm by saying that with SugaRushed he wanted to create an upbeat reality soap that aims to encourage and not destroy individuals who aspire to be artists. It took a great deal of time and effort to put together this show that’s straight on the market, youthful and trendy.
With a team made up of experience and youth, SugaRushed is right on the money and gives a fresh dimension which productions of its kind lack.
Not only did I have a chat with the commando, but I also had a quick chat with two individuals Dupreez Strauss and Bradley Africa both whom are music producers, shared their views on SugaRushed, what it really stands for and what it aims to achieve.
If you’re an aspiring musician who wants to share his or her talents with South Africa then be sure to record a video clip of yourself performing an original composition, and post it on Youtube. Then complete an entry form on the SugaRushed website ( and include the URL link to the video clip.

The 30- minute show airs daily, Monday to Friday, at 17:30 on Top One (channel 150) on TopTV.
Twitter: @sugarushedtv
Facebook: SugaRushed

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