Monday, 3 December 2012

Beat Box: The Architect of Beats and Vibes

Ralf Gum is one of the well respected and much talked about figures within the house and dance music scene. His exceptional dj-sets and fine productions have seen the German house music maestro conquer the world and steal many hearts.
Ralf Gum’s musical career began in the early 90s and has never in a mad moment thought of trading his passion for anything. Passion has seen him travel the globe sharing some of his well crafted tracks with house music lovers. Ralf Gum has worked with acts such as Monique Bingham, Robert Owen, Beate S. Lech, Kenny Bobien and Caron Wheeler to name a few.
It was only in 2008 that he released his first album ‘Uniting Music’ which featured dazzling dance songs such as ‘Kissing Strangers’ which he featured the talented soulful female vocalist Monique Bingham.
Through his music label Gogo Music, Ralf Gum recently released his second album titled ‘Never leave you’, that contains the hit song ‘Take me to my love’ which again features the beautiful soulful voice of Monique Bingham.
To Ralf Gum welcome to South Africa the republic of house music and hope our beautiful land inspires your creativity to gift us with hotter house music.

Ashley Mokwena

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