Thursday, 2 August 2012


In August 1956 South African women embarked on a massive March to Pretoria. More than 20 000 representing all racial backgrounds from all over South Africa marched to the Union Building to hand over a petition to the Prime Ministers Office, petitioning against the Pass Laws. The women showed resilience, leadership qualities and bravery.

Women such as Winnie Mandela, Albertina Sisulu, Adelade Tambo and Helen Joseph to name a few were some of the struggles heroins who through their sheer determination played a big role in the struggle for freedom and democracy. It's women such as them who have blessed not only South Africa but the whole of the African continent with a new crop of African women.

The modern women is one of power and one who aims for greater heights regardless of the circumstance and short falls. If there is a strong person that can tolerate and withstand challenges it is a women.

To all women across the globe happy womens month and enjoy it to the fullest.

Ashley Mokwena

twitter: @ashfonik
facebook: Ash "van katchum" Mokwena

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