Monday, 30 July 2012


It was South African Fashion Week Day 3; Motheo Khoaripe a good friend of mine had a few cents in his pocket and decided we’re going to do some retail therapy. Here I was thinking Sandton is where we going to do our shopping. We get off the cab and the excitement builds up, mind you I had no penny in my pocket.
Motheo decides Newtown is our destination where we are going to find something suitable, and Scepticism crept in and I must be Honest I was a bit negative. We get to an open marketplace; all I saw was a lot of buyers like us to purchase clothes. Motheo finds a hotte shirt and a jean which he had to negotiate very hard for and as we kept searching a short bold guy calls me and uttered “this Cardi has a crash on you, so what do you say?” I stared at Motheo and he replied to my stare by saying “Ash Chap take it”. So my broke self I decide to fit it on.

After fitting on the Cardi, I was immediately in LOVE. Motheo pulls his wallet and pays the short bold guy for my new found love. Now Cardi is in my hands and all I can think of now is what’s going to match with my new love... And that’s how I met Cardi, at an Open Marketplace.

Thought I love Cardi unconditionally, but you cannot expect me to stand on one foot now can you?

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