Tuesday, 24 July 2012


So I remember chilling with a couple faces from across South Africa discussing towns and cities from the country. Me being the only one from Benoni, a town situated East of Johannesburg, tried very hard to defend the town. Did I stand a chance of winning the conversation, well one would think other wise. Guess what unlike that guy from Nelspruit and the other from Rosslyn I did quite well in defending Benoni...

You probably wondering what the small town of Benoni has, let me tell you. Benoni has gave birth to some fab personalities such as Footballer Jabu Mahlangu, business leader and community leader Tom Boya, music sensation Lira, Cricketer Andre Nel, to mention a few. Well the point I am tryna put out is judge Benoni at your own peril because boy oh boy we have many achievers in our town.

Okay enough about Benoni. Todays featured fashion designer is a lady from Benoni Samiksha Lochan who draws her inspiration from her surroundings, past fashion and her passion for Arts.
Samiksha formerly attented Wordsworth High school and is also a fashion and textile graduate from the Durban University of Technology.

Her designs reflect a Modern, edgy and sophisticated look that emphasises a womans silhouette using luxurious fabrics and thus exuding an effortless, timeless and wearable glamour.

The young fashion designer, desires to launch her very own women's contemporary ready-to-wear clothing line, with the intention to use her creativity and abilities to add dimensions of elegance and femininity to the current era. Samiksha is undoubtly one to look out for the future and guess what she's from BENONI.

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