Wednesday, 4 July 2012



Oh colour! Oh colour! why take thou for a fool.
Colour you are to blame for thee mess we come across in thee streets
Oh colour! Oh colour! you have crooked fashion from it's true element and spirit
Colour thou on thee street is brutally deceived by thou relentless power
Oh colour! Oh colour you should be stoned and left to die a painfull death
Colour yesterday's youth wore you properly and today's youth wears you unproperly.

Colour you shall lose power and Fashion shall gain power
Colour you play thee that claims to know fashion
Colour! Colour! Colour! thou time is up
Colour! Thee mass shall see through thou lies and thee mass shall embrace Fashion.

NB!!! As much as colour plays a role in fashion and style lets not crook fashion from its true being and lets refuse to be deceived by colour... wearing a Blue t-shirt, Green jeans, Orange sneakers and a red cap is a BIG NO! NO!

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