Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Interview

Da Stitch recently caught up with the humble and intelligent Nick Duncan the man behind a South African premium blog marketplace site, myScoop.

Da Stitch: What is myscoop?
Nick Duncan: myScoop is a premium blog marketplace. It connects brands with bloggers and an innovative manner allowing the brands to gain additional relevant exposure while monetising the blogs of South Africa. Simply put, bloggers write sponsored posts about brands.

DS: What is myScoop’s main objective?
ND: The main objective is to extend the reach of brands in a relevant way and help bloggers monetise their blogs.

DS: How does the blogger and the advertiser benefit from the service of myscoop?
ND: How myScoop benefits bloggers: The estimated fee per sponsored post is determined by the “estimated reach” of that blog. We calculate this internally and mostly based on how many unique visitors visit the blog’s home page in a month. There are checks to ensure the system cannot be gamed. As a blogger, you have full control over which brand you would like to write about. Once a campaign becomes available, you have the option whether or not you would like to be part of it.
ND: How myScoop benefits brands:myScoop believes in high quality and full transparency. As an advertiser, you can choose which blogs you would like to use. We supply statistics and relevancy scores for each blog. We ensure that only the best suited blogs write about your product or brand. Once all the posts are up, an in-depth report is generated to help calculate the reach and ROI for your campaign.

DS: Since inception how many bloggers have signed up to use the service?
ND: Over 1200

DS: Should bloggers in South Africa be taken seriously? And Why?
ND: Yes. Bloggers can have a unique influence on the population. For example, according to Technorati, blogs rank 3rd for online services most likely to influence a purchase, just behind brand sites and retail sites.
DS: Describe myscoop in a single word?
ND: Innovative.

Twitter: @my_Scoop

Da Stitch

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