Monday, 10 June 2013

Beat Box: The sensational English indie band

In the 80’s a unique and mellow music genre Indie rock that originated from the United Kingdom and the United States started getting recognition. The genre is diverse with sub-genres that include indie pop and jangle pop. Like hip hop indie rock has a highly competitive underground scene with most bands scattered across England and Scotland. The turn of the new millennium saw a lot of indie groups emerge and enjoy commercial success, and having influence on a global scale.

Over the past two months my playlist has been ruled by indie rock music with bands such as R.E.M from the US, The Smiths and The XX both from Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom. Today we take a brief look at a band that’s taken over some portion of my music loving heart, The XX.

Since the bands inception in 2005 The XX has gone on to release superb and well-produced music by band member Jamie Smith under record label Young Turks. The band from Wandsworth, London, hugely gained recognition and success soon followed the band in a relatively competitive genre. The band’s debut album ‘XX’ was released in August of 2009 with hotte singles such as “Crystalised”, “islands” and “Basic Space” contesting on international charts and spending over 100 weeks on the UK Albums Chart and later reaching platinum status. The album was also acclaimed by critics and notable publications such as The Times, Rolling Stone and The Telegraph, and featured on television productions such as Suits, Mercy, Bedlam and the Greek version of Next Top Model to highlight a few.

After getting three nominations for Best British Album, Best British Breakthrough and Best British Band at the 2011 Brit Awards held at the O2 Arena in London which they did not win any category, the group went on to record and release their second album titled ‘Coexist’. The new album would build on the success of the first album and sold 58 000 copies on the opening week and also debuted number one on the UK Albums Chart.

With such success in a short space of time, the band has at least engraved their name on hearts of listeners and it should be expected that the group will emulate what the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, R.E.M and Florence and The Machine have proved possible.


Ashley Mokwena

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