Tuesday, 11 September 2012


ETRO the Italian fashion brand was founded in 1968 by the visionary Gimmo Etro. When ETRO started out Gimmo launched a production of highly prestigious fabrics using noble and natural fibres.

ETRO made its debut in 1981, with the Paisley Motif used to enrich the first collection which was set to become the mark of the labels identity. In 1984 ETRO added leather goods, bags and travel bags to its fascinating product range. In achieving such, the fashion brand got the much needed recognition and became a symbol of elegance. ETRO brought some sense of style and carries with it a meaning.

Consolidating and complementing the brands lifestyle concept, ETRO introduced in 1986 its home accessories and in the late 90’s ETRO fragrance line came into existence... to date  the  ETRO collection extends to over 20 exclusive fragrances and dedicated boutiques globally.

What really epitomised the label into a lifestyle brand of sophistication and meaning is the exceptional use of materials and the prints made ETRO unique and unrepeatable. The family owned fashion label has made its point globally and has seen many of its garments showcased at big fashion events.

Whether you’re in New York, Cape Town, Rio, Seoul, Moscow or London doing some retail therapy, and you come across ETRO don’t hesitate to make a purchase because this is one brand your closet would love to rub shoulders with.    

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