Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Destinations such as Monaco, Mumbai, Rome, Manila, Maputo, Accra, Beijing and Istanbul are some of the destinations that have grabbed my attention, well just by seeing them on the telly or reading on them in printed publications.

The mentioned destinations are some which I found myself aspiring to visit and for some odd stupid reason I happen to have affection for. Travelling to such places where an individual can create memories costs an arm and a leg... but the one destination that in recent times has managed to grab much of my attention believe or not, it’s San Francisco in the United States. Wherever You are in this globe reading this, you probably asking yourself  why San Francisco of all places on planet Earth. Well the simple answer is... Silicon Valley!!

Silicon Valley, a region in San Francisco is home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations and small technology innovative start-ups. Despite the development of other high-tech sector economic centres throughout the US and the world, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading hub for high-tech innovation. The place reeks of technological riches. If you’re a sucker for technology and gadgets like me and want to be close to the “techno Village” join me on an impossible mission to start a camp site a kilometre away.

Technology corporations such as Adobe Systems, Apple Inc, Cisco Systems, eBay, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and Hewlett- Packard to mention a couple are some of the giant techno corporations which have contributed to making Silicon Valley a destination for technology innovation. These giant corporations have through their creativity and developments turned the world into one technology crazy space.

Like the late legendary South African artist Brenda Fassie once sang “Soon and very Soon we are going to see the king”... not known how soon I will embark on my journey to San Francisco, but soon and very soon I shall land the boat my good pal Kobus Van Niekerk inherited from his pipe smoking oupa meneer Van Niekerk.

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