Monday, 3 September 2012


The Malian born actress turned singer Fatoumata Diawara is one performer who does not like to say much, but lets her music do the talking for her. Too many individuals in her home country of Mali highly regard her music, and she also has a following in countries such as Senegal, Guinea, and Burkina Faso.

During quiet moments at rehearsals when she was still a stage actress, she would take to singing at the backstage for her own amusement. Encouraged by the reception from people around her and audiences who’ve had the pleasure to witness her singing, she began to sing in Parisian night spots and events in Mali and Ivory Coast. It was when the singer teamed up with Cheikh Tidiane for a project where she was offered an opportunity to be a chorus vocalist she started making a mark on the music scene. Fatoumata travelled global with big Jazz names such as American Jazz artist Dee Bridgewater and fellow Malian Jazz star Oumou Sangare to mention a few.

Fatoumata dedicated herself to her passion and love for music. She worked to complete an album’s worth of songs and started recording demo’s for which she composed and arranged all titles, as well as playing the guitar and singing vocals. An introduction from Oumou Sangare led to a record deal with World Circuit and recording her debut album. The creative singer collaborated with Damon Albarn and contributed Vocals to albums by Cheikh Lo, Afro-Cubism, Herbie Hancock’s GRAMMY winning Imagine Project and Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou.

The Afro-soul Jazz artist with a beautiful joyous voice released her debut album in 2011 and recently finished working an album titled “Rocket Juice and the Moon” with Jazz Band Flea.

Fatoumata performed at the international Back2Black festival where she gave a stunning performance which many appreciated and enjoyed quite recently. The event celebrated Africa’s influence on music and culture across the globe. At the event she shared the stage with some awesome international Jazz greats such as South Africa’s Hugh Masekela, Amadou and Miriam, and Jorge Ben Jor.

Attend her performance and you shall be left breatheless and reeling for more.


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