Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tech bite: RIM to consider sharing Blackberry 10 with other Smartphone makers

Every time my Blackberry device freezes, I sometimes wish there was an anti-freezing product available to the rescue. The reason why individuals like me are still using a Blackberry device, it’s because of the BIS service which allows internet usage at an affordable rate. But even that still can’t cover for the messes of the freezing and frustrating device which has lost market share in powerful marketplaces. Enough with the criticism...

Canadian mobile maker Rhythm in Motion will announce its newest operating system, the Blackberry 10 on 30 January in varies major cities across the globe. It’s expected that should the launch go as planned and the software shows good performance, the company will then consider licensing the Blackberry OS.

RIM aims to hop into the same direction Google hopped in and offer the OS to other smartphone manufacturers. With Google powering major smartphone makers with its Android OS, it’s still yet to be known which smartphone maker is to jump into bed with Blackberry. The important aspect which smartphone makers have to be concern about is whether Blackberry 10 can be relied on. Momentum has been building up quite nicely ahead of the launch and application developers are encouraged to port their apps to the Blackberry 10 platform.

Chief Executive Thorsten Heins mentioned that shortly after the Launch, new Blackberry devices running on the Blacberry 10 OS will be unleashed to contest to recover lost market share.

The concern is can the once powerhouse of the smartphone league survive the shark attack or is the company going to give in to the bite??  

Ashley Mokwena

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