Thursday, 18 April 2013

Box Office: some Double-crossing and living youth to the fullest


Cast: Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez and Emma Booth
Director: Taylor Hackford
Genre: Suspense
Running Time: 1hr 55 mins

The film revolves around a thief Parker (Statham) who’s double-crossed by his crew and decides to go for revenge. Parker travels to Palm Beach where he enlists the help of Leslie (Lopez) who assists him to steal from the crew. Leslie falls for Parker, who himself is faithful to his long-time girlfriend Claire (Emma Booth). The film has some exciting moments, but much could’ve been done to make it fire film.

21 & Over

Cast: Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chon
Director: Jon Lucas
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 1hr 33 mins

From the writers of The Hangover, this comedy is about a student Jeff Chang who always did everything by the book. His two best friends Casey and Miller surprise him for his 21st birthday and they decide to have a night out for a beer, but instead they over indulged and meanwhile the next morning Jeff has an important medical interview.

Ashley Mokwena

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