Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Interview: YBIKE Peddles the new Evolve

Recently Da Stitch rubbed-shoulders withCapetoniansJaco Kruger and Jean Van Der Merwe,co-founders of Chrome Cherry Design Studio, an industrial design and product development company behind YBIKE Evolve, a proudly South African designed 3-in-1 pedal trike and balance bike. 

How and when did it all start?
Jaco Kruger: About a year ago. We had previously launched very successful products and this is the latest ‘addition’.

What makes YBIKE a special product for kids to have?
Jean Van Der Merwe: All our products address specific development in children. The YBIKE Evolve teaches kids to ride a bike and helps with gross motor skill development.

Is YBIKE in reach of becoming a champion product?
JK: Yes, very much so. We have been in the market for five years. The YBIKE Evolve is the culmination of these years of work. We have combined 3 products into one – at a very reasonable price.

What is the general response so far on the product?
JV: We have had an overwhelming response. It can been seen in the R35 000 raised in pledges on a brand new website, Thundafund. It’s a brand new concept locally and we are poised to launch in a similar fashion in the USA next week.

What inspired the creation of such a product?
JK: We are fathers – with five daughters between us – and we want the best for our children.

How much would it cost a parent to purchase a YBIKE for their kid?
JV: The expected retail price in stores is R1500. On Thundafund, a parent could buy one starting from R650. There is a range of special deals for these high quality products.

How does YBIKE promote the development of gross motor skills?
JK: We market through Facebook, online, in-store, TV shows, word-of-mouth and the media.

Will there be a YBIKE created for the adult market in the future?
JV: Yes, we certainly hope so as we are kids ourselves after all. We love toys too.

Facebook: Ybike SA
Twitter: @Ybike_SA

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