Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Couture Corner: The epitome of Italian luxury goods

Italian luxury goods brand Salvatore Ferragamo came to an existence in the 1920’s as an only shoe making brand. The man who started what would be a successful fashion company, Salvatore Ferragamo, worked with Hollywood stars such as Eva Peron, Mary Pickard and Douglas Fairbanks who wore the gold Aladdin-lamp slippers. 

First Salvatore Ferragamo wedge

Creativity allowed the Italian shoe maker to explore with science and inventing wedge heels and cage heels. Even to date the brands collections are still associated with top Hollywood celebrates and is also worn across the globe. Since the birth of the brand it has evolved into a luxury goods empire influencing the fashion industry.

When markets crashed in the 1930’sGreat Depression the company felt the pinch with American orders decreasing and Salvatore Ferragamo declared bankruptcy. Picking up the pieces, the brand turned its focal point on the Italian market. After surviving the activities of the 30’s and 40’s growth followed the fashion house and the Ferragamo began to taste the rewards all due to his hard work and dedication.

Flagship Store in the Italian city of Florence

A Salvatore Ferragamo suit for men

Even after the death of its “command-in-chief”in August of 1960, the label thrived and entered a new era without the man who started the journey. 

Salvatore Ferragamo stands for sophistication and over the years has seen the label debut awesome collections for both women and men at some of the world’s grandest fashion events in style- centric cities such as Paris, Milan, New York and London to mention a couple.

the upper echelons at Salvatore Ferragamo one what it takes to mesmerize and dazzle fashionista’s, but if there is one thing the Florence based luxury goods company can be proud of is its continual classy style of craftsmanship.

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