Tuesday, 6 August 2013

More than just a sports wear shoe

The athletic apparel designed Air Jordans were first made for NBA rookie Michael Jordan in 1984, and released in 1985 for consumers by sportswear brand and manufacturer Nike. Since the shoe’s introduction in the sports market the brand has evolved from just been a sports shoe to street gear influencer.

Air Jordan currently sponsors 19 active NBA players, including the likes of Chris Paul, Ray Allen and Carmelo Anthony.  The controversial history of the sneaker is subject to what the Air Jordan brand is and what it stands for today.

Something I fail to understand is how does a shoe with a controversial history such as the Air Jordan be wildly admired across the face of the planet? Is it because of its association with sports stars or sports codes which have an impact within the American society?

Recently a mate of mine posted on popular photo-sharing site Instagram his new sneaker acquisition the Air Jordan which he purchased for over a R1000, which he wore at the Durban July.While on the basketball court a week ago, two teenage amateur ball players came through on court stylishly wearing their Air Jordan sneakers reflecting some sense of swag. Asking them why Air Jordans? The one young oke reluctantly replied, “why not Jordans?”

A day doesn’t go by without seeing the controversial sneaker, perhaps it’s time my black arse hopped into a retail store and purchased a pair of Air JORDANS.

Ashley Mokwena


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