Monday, 20 May 2013

Beat Box: African beat deserves a standing ovation

Over the years we have seen the African beat receiving attention not only on the continent, but across the globe too. Agree or disagree but it has to be highlighted that African music has caught on with modern times and still carries with it a certain characteristic thathas an influence in one’s life. 

Whichever way you look at it, its musicians such as Nigeria’s FelaKuti, South Africa’s Miriam Makeba and Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi to mention a few who have in throughout their careers traveling across the global shared what our music is all about. African music has its own signature and style, and for its own uniqueness why can’t it get a standing ovation?
FelaKuti on stage

For the past decade we have seen massive change in African music, and something that we as Africans should do is embrace our music and artists who have and are still being great ambassadors of the mother land.
 The continent has continued to give birth to fabulous musical talent that is representing mother land very well on the global stage, showcasing enthusiasm and sharing the story of Africa. Like any other place on planet earth we have our own glitches, but let’s stand together as Africans and give a standing ovation to our OWN ARTISTRY.

Ashley Mokwena

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