Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tech Bite: Microsoft unveils a new Xbox console

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console the Xbox One, described as a beauty that could see the tech titan oust Tim Cook’s Apple out of the living room. With Apple going through its roughest period in a decade, Microsoft may as well claim the crown of the living room from its rival.

The new generation console affords the player the luxury to quickly jump from TV to movies to music and to a game. The Xbox One gets to know the user of the console and learns what it is the user likes or dislikes, it also brings with it a fantastic cinematic world that brings gaming characters more to life than before, one of the reasons that makes the Xbox One a killer creation.

Xbox One Controller

Microsoft with its new baby are certainly sending a strong message to other gaming console makers by offering something that’s engaging and fun to have. Every single Xbox One will come with a Kinect system that responds naturally to a user’s voice, movements and gestures.

As much as it’s said that the Xbox One brings joy in the living room, it must also be highlighted that the console will also connect the world through another Microsoft product Skype which allows for free video internet calling. If you wondering how that will work, the internet will be accessed via a cloud service.

The Xbox One seems like a formidable player to influence the experience of the living room, but for how long?

Ashley Mokwena

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