Monday, 6 May 2013

Beat Box: Limp Bizkit is back and ready to go

US rock and rap band Limp Bizkit recently released a new six minute song titled “Ready to go” which features one of hip hops busiest musician Lil Wayne. Lead singer Fred Durst takes hits at various female celebrities including the likes of Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel and Britney Spears who had a love affair with Durst.

“Ready to go”, described as a dangerous song is the first single to be recorded and released under Cash Money records. It’s also mentioned that the band is set to release their seventh studio album later this year titled “Stampede of the Disco Elephants”.

Formed in 1995 the band from Jacksonville, Florida has sold over 45 million albums worldwide, a figure which proves that the band is still a force to be respected, but not many would agree with me. “Rollin” and “My Generation” are probably the two tracks that put Limp Bizkit on the global map and earned the band some love.

Limp Bizkit have had songs being used in films such as Mission Impossible II, The Fast and Furious, and Hancock to highlight a few, not to forget that a couple of songs were also featured on animation comedy series The Simpsons and on video games.

Being a fan of the fierce American band, I hope signing under Cash Money doesn’t further destroy what is left of the band, but instead restore the glory that made Limp Bizkit a force.

Ashley Mokwena

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