Sunday, 12 May 2013

Minding your moolah with STANLIB

Very few South African adults of every income level are financially savvy. I can remember my uncle Tshepo “Bra Zaka” Makofane after retiring from a steel firm as a messenger where he served for 27 Years;received his pension fund and misused it. Not even leaving some for his child’s tertiary education.

The squandering of moolah led uncle Tshepo to a situation which he was not familiar with, facing financial difficulties and eventually losing his valuables. It had obviously appeared that he was not financially literate, because had he been financially smart he wouldn’t have come across problems.

On Wednesday morning I set foot at the beautiful Sandton Sun to attend the STANLIB Smart Bucks event, an event that STANLIB partnered up with companies such as PUTCO, PrimeStars Marketing, The Monarchy Group, Bidvest, National youth development agency and Pureau with the aim to educate South Africa’s next generation on financial literacy. 

Industry leaders such as Ben Kodisang who heads up the Asset Management division at STANLIB, Romeo More marketing Executive at PUTCO, Martin Sweet from PrimeStars Marketing and keynote speaker LungisaFuzile the Director-Gneral of the National Treasury to mention a few shared with those in attendance intrinsic information on Saving MOOLAH in these harsh economic times.

Being financially literate is important to building a positive future… so let’s not emulate what individuals such as uncle Tshepo “Bra Zaka” did and be financially literate. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS MIND YOUR MOOLAH!!

Ashley Mokwena

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