Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Gugu Mlambo Msomi one of South Africa’s classy fashion designers hails from a long line of creative people. Being inspired by her dress-making grandmother and interior designer mother it was quite certain that Gugu would not branch out of what her family thrived on.

After acquiring knowledge and skills in fields such as window dressing and styling on South Africa’s most loved soapie, Generations, she took an adventure of starting her own fashion house, Gugulam.
With a mad schedule that messes with a fashion designers mind, Gugu took some time out to interact with us:

Who is Gugu?
“I’m a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife and an overall creative spirit.”

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
“What inspired me to be a designer is my family, the surroundings I grew up around, my grandmother who was super glamourous, and my mother’s creative talent as an interior designer and my family’s love for fashion.”

What’s unique about your designs?
“The fact that they come from inside my head, my designs are a reflection of all my experiences and are honest and reflect on how I see a woman.”

How would you best describe your designs?
“My designs are simple, timeless, classical, fun and effortless.”

Why is fashion important?
“Fashion is important, because no matter how little you may perceive it, you play a part in It.” How you dress tells people of how you view the world.”

What are the most important aspects to have in mind when purchasing any of your designs?
“Whoever purchases my designs must know that every item made was made with love from the bottom of my heart.”  “Another thing is Gugulam designs are also made to uplift and boost an individual’s self-esteem.”

Who was influential in your career as a fashion designer?
“My mother is the one person I look to the most; she is a fighter, very meticulous about anything that goes along with her name.”

Of all your designs which one is special?
“Ask any of my bespoke clients, and they will tell you that parting with my clothes is like losing a baby.” “I fall in love with every item I put together.”

Where would you like to see Gugulam in the next decade?
“I would like to see all my supporters journey with me as I turn Gugulam into a preferred brand the world over.”

Ashley Mokwena

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