Monday, 8 October 2012


This year, fun takes on a whole new meaning with Glodina’s new range of beach towels. 

With trendy seasonal designs, splashes of vibrant fashion colour- from vivid greens to aqua blues to dazzling pinks- Glodina takes to the seaside and poolside with the best of both worlds. Soak up the sun against the luxurious velour finish. Take a swim and then flip over and dry off with the super absorbent terry finish on the other side.

Glodina’s trendy take on summer has something for everybody- from the beach loving babe to the stylish surfer dude. 

Available at Makro stores countrywide, the Glodina Black Label beach range comes in various sizes:
Kiddies: 70cm x 130cm, priced at R109.00
Adults: 85cm x 150cm with velour finish, priced at R159.00
Adults: 94cm x 150cm with a velour finish, priced at R159.00
For more information- or learn how to take the best care of your beach towels, visit

Helpful tips on caring for velour beach towels:
We recommend that you wash your velour towels at least twice before use to eliminate excess fluff. Do not tumble dry velour towels for the first few washes to prevent extra fluff being deposited on other fabrics.

Take care when removing stickers or price tags so as not to damage the veloured side of the towel
Once you’ve taken these initial precautions, your new Glodina Black Label beach towels can be washed and tumbled dried with other fabrics. 

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