Thursday, 4 October 2012


September 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin blessed the world with a resourceful search engine, Google. Since its birth Google has managed to excel and eventually leapfrog the competition. Google has shown no signs of easing the pace and it’s quite obvious that employees at Google know the expectation of working for a company of such great stature.

In its fourteen years of existence Google has dodged the kind of image issues which were pinching tech giants such as Microsoft and Apple. Court battle after court battle across the globe, the company still managed to survive the whirlwinds to be able to provide us with a clear window on the planet. Had it not been of this resourceful peasant’s entry in a market that was largely dominated by fallen tech giant Yahoo, chances are that information wouldn’t be shared at the speed of light.

Google over the years has played an integral part not only in the search engine space, but in other techno spheres too. The 2004 initial public offering ensured the Silicon Valley based entity to acquire and add more products to its fantastic product offering.

Today we can web search, blog, image search, video search; store documents online using Google Docs. We can access language tools, purchase mobile devices which run on Google Operating System Android; and we can use electronic-mail to communicate to good effect, all due to Google.

Google has pushed web standards to new heights and has separated itself from the pack. Though Google’s social media platform Google+ hasn’t really gotten grip of the social media landscape, having 150 million users in a short lifespan of the social network Larry and Sergey surely should be pleased with the products achievement.

To Google, had it not been of your being this blog wouldn’t be feeding the global village with interesting lifestyle happenings across the planet.
Ashley Mokwena

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