Wednesday, 31 October 2012


A week ago major stars of the tech industry; Apple Inc and Microsoft announced products which are expected to show some shine this holiday shopping season.

Apple launched its iPad Mini which weighs half of the original big iPad, Steve Jobs introduced years ago. The thinner, shorter and narrower iPad Mini is so comfortable that one can hold it in one hand.  The Mini is available in white-and-silver and black-on-black, both with metal backs. The mastery of Apple proves with this baby as the screen shape and resolution are kept the same as big brother, iPad 2.

 The iPad Mini

The iPad Mini can operate all 275 000 existing iPad apps, and not forgetting 500 000 more iPhone apps. The Mini does not possess Apple’s fabulous Retina display. The device will cost a bit too much than consumers expected, but nonetheless it’s a pretty gadget to purchase. Depending on space storage it’s estimated that consumers will pay R3000 or more for the 16G model and R6000 for four times the storage.

With the device asking for much money to acquire, competitors with similar tabs such as Amazon are afforded an opportunity to also eat the fruits of this holiday season. 

One of Apple’s unloved competitors Microsoft launched the Windows 8 Operating System, an upgrade of the Windows 7. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer utter that Windows 8 was off to a “stunning” start with four million upgrades downloaded since its release last Friday.

 Microsoft Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft aims to topple big players Apple and Google Android operating mobile devices in the vastly competitive market. Talk of dreaming big.

For Microsoft, “the once leader of the tech landscape”, to overpower Apple and Android powered mobile devices hands need to change at the helm. One question to be asked to Microsoft though, is do they have enough house power to keep up with Apple and Android running devices?

Ashley Mokwena

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