Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Top 5 games of the month

1.      Resident Evil 6: The game promises dramatic, frightening experience blending action and survival horror. The main characters Leon and Chris come together to face off stiff competitors. The creators of Resident Evil 6 have added new characters that have their own perspectives and involvement in this relentless outbreak attack on a global scale. 

Console available: PS3 and XBox 360

2.       Dishonored: This first person stealth action adventure game is set in fictional industrial city of Dunwall. Legendary bodyguard, Convo Attano, who is the Empress Chief Security man, is framed for the Empress’ murder. Convo is now forced to become an assassin to seek revenge on those who are conspiring against him.

Console available: Microsoft Windows, PS3, and XBox 360

3.       Doom 3 BFG Edition: The re-mastered Doom 3 BFG Edition will include the original game, the already released add-on “Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil”, the 2004-era “Doom 3” with  better enhanced graphics, a checkpoint save system and copies of “Doom” and “Doom 2: Hell on Earth” including “No Rest for the Living”. The game is delivered across all platforms with silky smooth frame rate and highly responsive controls.

Console available: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

4.       Medal of Honor Warfighter: Medal of Honor Warfighter offers an aggressive, gritty and authentic experience that puts gamers in the boots of todays most precise and discipline warrior. This is an up close and personal look at modern day battlefields and the fight against the ongoing global terror threat. The lead character “Preacher” a US Tier 1 operator has returned home from overseas only to find his family torn apart. With the aim of patching things with his family, an extremely deadly explosive penetrates civilian borders and now he has to assist his team-mates solve the mess.

 Console available: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

5.       Assassin’s Creed 3: Assassin’s Creed 3 is set before, during and after the American Revolution from 1753 to 1783 featuring a new protagonist, the half-English and half-native American, Connor Kenway, while current protagonist Desmond Miles still part of the storyline has to stop the 2012 apocalypse.

Console available: PS3, XBox 360, Wii U and Microsoft Windows  

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