Monday, 4 February 2013

Beat Box: “The Lady in Red” who spits fierce lines

Barbara-Jessica Wedi, known to her fans as Rouge is one beautiful and smart lady who’s well-grounded and passionate about her music. The smart, stylist and talented young female rapper isundoubtedly on a cause to be one of South Africa and Africa’s best female rapper. Rouge is part of the youth drama series SugaRushed that’s based on the everyday happenings of a record label.
Rouge started singing at a tender age of 5 and she fell in love with spitting words when she was asked to rap lines she wrote instead of singing. The rapper has shared her spitting talents alongside hip-hop acts such as KhuliChana, Da Les and Dotcom.
Before our interview with the well-mannered artist, we quickly took a listen to her music, which is a little witty and calm.
The interview
1.       Who’s Rouge?

Rouge: “she’s a 20 year old female MC and Drama Student from Pretoria who’s full of energy, confident and well rooted individual.

2.       What inspires you?

Rouge: “I’m inspired by the social and gender difficulties an African woman witnesses on a daily bases and off course the on-goings of our continent.”

3.       What makes your sound unqiue?

Rouge: “I rap about everyday real life issues which affect the lives of Africans and add the fact that I can spit like male rapper.” “My music also contains an African feel blended with a bit of French.”

4.       How important is it to manage a positive and straight character when not in front of a camera?

Rouge: “I might seem like an extrovert and come across as a bubbly individual, but what happens in front of the camera stays there.” “So when I’m not in front of the camera I contain myself in such a way that I don’t invite problems for myself and family”

5.       When should we expect something any releases?

Rouge: “for now I can’t give away a lot, but my fans can expect a series of new songs which and a video, which I’m quite excited about.”

Ashley Mokwena

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