Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Techno Bite: HTC launches a sexy smartphone

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC announced yesterday that in the next month they would be unleashing a new device, the HTC one. Many technology critics have labelled the HTC One as just an attractive and premium-feeling phone, so one can only wonder if the device can really compete with the big guns.

Its hinted that the 32 gig version will retail for R1799,90 and the 64 gig cutie will go for R2699,90. The HTC One is very much affordable and has looks that can turn heads, but the real question that’s probably running through the minds of thehierarchy of the Taiwanese maker is can the HTC One stand its own ground and get a bite of the nasty smartphone market.

Rather than filling the homepage with apps, HTC opted to keep things simple and run with “Blinkfeed” aflipboard-like collection of news stories, social status updates, pictures and other information that a person can scroll through.

 Qualcomm snapdragon

1.7GB Quad-core process

2GB Ram

2,300 mAh embedded battery

2.1 megapixel front-facing camera

4.1.2 Android Operating System

Latest version of the sense UI

4 megapixel rear camera

The rear camera is expected to pick up light and perform better at night than rival smartphone cameras. Similarly to its predecessor the HTC One X, the HTC One will come with a beats audio technology and dual front-facing speakers with a dedicated amplifier.

Ashley Mokwena

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