Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tech Bite: The Smartphone market heats up

The smartphone market over the past few years has seen some serious competitiveness with new manufacturers entering the kitchen to get a slice of the cake. Market leaders Apple Inc’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy Series devices are being given a great push by challengers such as Nokia with its Lumia range, Sony’s cute Experia models and the ever freezing Blackberry which recently launched its new phone a week ago. And let’s not forget Huawei who are proving to be a challenger to be wary of.

Rumours of a possible new Samsung Galaxy S phone have been circulating within the technology landscape. The Korean electronics maker announced on its Flickr page that it has sold over 100 million Galaxy S smartphones since the launch of the Series in May of 2010.

With the S III shipping 40 million phones in just a period of six months, Samsung are clearly sending a message to its main contender for top spot, Apple Inc, to never fall asleep on the job.

If the rumours of a new addition to the Series family are to go with, then consumers should be warned not to rush into their pockets until the Galaxy S IV comes out to play.

Its speculated that the S IV could be slightly thinner with a larger display than the S III. The Samsung Galaxy S IV might make battery-charging a bit less cumbersome and utilize the devices improved cameras.

Could Samsung have finally built a machine to grab the top spot from Apples iPhone?  Well we shall see in due time.

Ashley Mokwena

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