Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Couture Corner: handbags to match babes look

Every time I attend an event of a certain magnitude the first thing my eyes pay heavy attention to is a female’s appearance. The strangeness of this is that I tend to first stare at the handbag! Judging a female’s appearance based on the animal hide assists in knowing a bit about her character traits… yes it’s one of a criterion I use to judge a female.
Below are some handbags I figure could match a sophisticated and a go-getter babe on the move.

A Vivienne Westwood handbag babe could envy

Something Dsquared prides as babes best mate

Babe could be seen entering a high calibre event with a Louis Vuitton handbag

A neat touch of brilliance by Chanel

PRADA handbag for babe to store her belongings

Ashley Mokwena

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