Saturday, 16 February 2013

What dem say in Tweet city

@Sir_toy: Wiz Khalifa either needs to stop smoking before picking his outfits or get himself a stylist. No man, he’s a dad.

@Khayadlanga: What? Zuma’s “yi hi hihiindelendlela” hasn’t been nominated for song of the year!!!?? Travesty! #Grammys 

@ItsCartman: Replying, “no” when someone asks if you’re awake.

@ntsikimazwai: it’s my book royalties month! Woopwoop! N Samro soon for my music royalties! Who needs a Rich man when mama can make her own mizzle!!!! 

@BrutalMzansi: you busy criticizing Zuma’s English as if your father can do better. Bloody South Africans!

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